Are you ready?… to live the life of your dreams?

… to take charge of your financial future?

… to uncover what awaits you on the other side of your fears

… to become a money magnet

…to uncover and break barriers holding back your financial success?


Let me tell you a story.  My success did not involve me having to go from rags to riches as you often hear.  My problems revolved totally around my comfort zone around money, my self-perception and my spirituality.  I relied on the outside to determine what was happening with me, when in all actuality, it’s the other way around.

Becoming a millionaire has everything to do primarily with how you think and how you feel.  Period!  Prosperity is arduous when you constantly tell yourself that you’re going to be rich when you can move out, the kids are grown, your husband retires, you win the lottery, etc.

You become a millionaire the first day you make the decision to literally become the millionaire you want to be!

Are you confused yet?  Are you starting to hear mental chatter telling you that what I’m saying is bogus?

It is fact that most, if not all people who are successful and become wealthy had to at some point, (particularly the beginning), decide that they were rich!  They played the part!  They saw richness in themselves!  They believed it without reservation!  They surmounted all odds!  What makes you any different from them?  Is it that you limit yourself with your thinking?

The NIA Project, or Purpose Project, was created to help you discover the TRUE YOU and what could be stopping you from realizing your full potential.

Most if not all of us want to receive some sort of daily inspiration, or need some help becoming self-motivated, but ALL of us have probably encountered not knowing what steps to take.

My process doesn’t require you to take the obvious practical steps you would normally assume are necessary.  I help to get to the ROOT of ALL SUCCESS so you can have the results you truly want!

Sandy Forster's Testimonial

Read what Sandy had to say about my book, How Ordinary People Attract Extraordinary Wealth.

About the Book
Find the answers to why and how you can reach your financial dreams. It's not what you typically think. Megan Jenifer's How Ordinary People Attract Extraordinary Wealth will help you see all of your possibilities for wealth creation.
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