A prolonged pity party will ultimately lead you to poverty.

Yes. I said it… and in this case, poverty can be applied in many ways:

  • broke in your pockets
  • broke in your relationships
  • broke in your spirit
  • broke in your body
  • broke in your attitude

How can I be so definitive in this statement?

Look around…

Those who go without consistently… or seem like they are always without are always doing what?

Blaming, shaming and complaining….

The three things that relinquish any personal responsibility.

You hear them blaming the economy for lack of employment…
Blaming the poor for mooching off their hard work…
Shaming the brilliant teen who dropped out of school to pursue his radical entrepreneurial ideas…
Complaining about everything that’s wrong with the world and why people suck…
Blaming their parents for having a hard life…
Blaming their kids for being overweight…
Shaming themselves for thinking outside of the box…
Complaining about entrepreneurs who outsource…
Blaming the teacher for a bad grade…

… Unfortunately, this list is endless for those hypnotized and stricken with the sickness called “poverty mindset.”

I won’t sit here and act like I’m not tired of or exempt from it.

But at the same time, I felt compelled to do something about it because I understand I’m not separate from this kind of thinking. Because I see and recognize it, it’s part of my consciousness too.

However, continuing in the co-creation of it with my thoughts that agree or push against is not the answer…

Neither is ignoring it…

Thus… this post.

Here it is whether you like it or, not… It’s coming straight…

As long as you’re alive and have a thinking brain, there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING that you can not do, be or have IF you want it enough… If you can hold the vision long enough… and take the necessary steps often and consistently enough to get there.

Once again, look around…

See those who are thriving despite all of the above obstacles listed previously.

It doesn’t matter how they are able to thrive.

What matters is that in essence, they are no different than you.

Sure you’ve heard this before, and thought, “Whatever… They have blah blah blah….” –the typical excuse for not taking ownership and relinquishing your power to, yet again, anything outside of yourself.

This isn’t meant to literally point fingers to complain about, shame or blame you.

This is just to get you thinking instead of ALWAYS reacting and calling it “thinking”…

This was created to encourage you to take a moment to consider how much PERSONAL responsibility you have for where you are right now.

For every “I can’t…” feel the real reason behind it.
For every “I don’t…” get to the bottom of why.
For every “I won’t…” understand the consequences…

Because each one of those statements is a choice, that will determine a corresponding action… giving you said results.

Every. Single. Time.

Knowing this, you can use it to your advantage….

or keep shaming, blaming and criticizing everyone else for your poverty…

in whatever area it keeps perpetually showing up.

Until you speak less and do more, the situation will remain the same… for you.

Leave everyone else out of it.

Know that this was written from a place of love. Prosperity work sounds easy. It’s the most challenging and transformational work that people must be willing to do. It requires daily practice and exercise to build the muscle… to retrain your brain.

Anything is possible… IF you’re willing to recognize, accept and take personal responsibility for your life.

I’m here for you. Various levels of Prosperity Coaching are one click away. In the meantime, stay encouraged with our community on Facebook–Purposeful Lifestyle Design. You’ll be reminded of your power daily and how you were meant to walk in greatness.

Stop giving your power away by blaming, shaming and complaining.


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2 Responses to A Prolonged Pity Party => Poverty.

  1. Diarra says:

    I love this article because so many ppl, such as myself often times, fall into this trap. It’s our human side absorbing the comfy feeling of that “woe is me” bed. Blaming outside sources for inside issues! “If that would change, then I could do this…!” As we snuggle deeply and pull the quilt of lies over our heads.
    Now sometimes we can believe this to be true based on life’s circumstances, other ppl’s opinions and our situations but as they say, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” (never knew the origin of that statement, it sounds crazy)…
    However, I interpret that saying as “Hey, take action, try again!” As you say Meg, take “personal responsibility”.
    It is definitely easier said than done but we have to ask ourselves, how badly do we want results? There isn’t always just one route. If there is one blocked road in the maze or what has been interpreted to be blocked, we must take personal responsibility, go back to our internal drawing board (our inner us), come back & tear that wall down or try another direction. Start skinning the cat from the right side instead of the left this time.
    In order to move forward on the “Hey, take action!” We must be in the mental state of clarifying what our inner selves truly wants to attract to us. That part has to be clear! When that occurs, we understand that our “roadblocks” are necessary for this journey that we decided to create, so we have to welcome them, take action and try another route. We cannot start the journey, reach a road block & stop on the side of the road, whip out our quilt of lies, to bundle up and sing the “woe is me” song. While we complain about situations & “why I can’t…” and what others are doing or not doing, those folks are taking action driving right past us. We have to consult with our true desires, take responsibility, get up and keep it moving. Take action. I know that your book will help a lot of ppl get into that personal space where they understand self, are motivated to take action & finally stop complaining.

  2. Megan says:

    Giiiiiiirrrrllll!!!!! You know I LOVED your comment! The “skin a cat” analogy: Perfect! The imagery of the car stranded on the side of the road with the comfy “woe is me blanket”: INGENIUS!!!! Keep it coming! Your writing is beautiful! I’m sooooooo excited to witness your creations! Soooooooooo excited! Thanks for your continued contributions!!!! Love you bunches!!!!

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