What is the initial feeling that arises anytime you are presented with something that may seem contrary to what you believe to be true?

When you guard a belief closely to your heart and you are faced with an idea that challenges your belief in some way, the first response is usually a feeling of skepticism, doubt, hesitancy, leeriness, worry, panic, defensiveness, or even fear.

Then, unfortunately, that beginning emotional trigger subconsciously turns into judgmental thinking of the source that provided the information, especially if this source is a person.

Many, when first hearing about the Law of Attraction can not wrap their minds around the thought of being creators of their own reality. Many critics shunned the movie The Secret, for being a bunch of positive mumbo jumbo and New Age-ish fluff. Even ministers and devout Christians called the Law of Attraction “deceptive” or a “trick of the enemy” to steer a person further and further away from what most people call God.

The reasoning behind this thought process is usually because many of us have been taught that man is limited and does not create anything. We have been taught that only God creates. When this deeply ingrained belief is challenged by the Law of Attraction, it sends a message that says, “You are powerless without God. You are nothing without God, and if you try to be anything without God, you will fail, or worse yet, end up in hell.”

This is entirely a fear-based perception of God and somewhat contradictory to the core message of any religious sect or belief system.

What the Law of Attraction helps people to understand is that you can reconnect with the Source living within you. When you do that, you can communicate more effectively and freely with Source, to understand your purpose and to move in that direction. It’s not saying replace God with yourself and let your ego dictate every move you make. It’s saying pay more close attention to your intuition and your spiritual being, connected through your emotions.

This type of thinking puts God inside the individual too and not solely in some external, unreachable, unappeasable being that wants to punish us and teach us valuable lessons by letting our souls burn in eternal flames after death.

One shouldn’t feel fearful if they actually take the time to look at the Law of Attraction and what it really is. The most interesting thing about it though is that it exists and it’s operating whether we like it or not. For many, the “discovery” of the Law of Attraction is the missing link that helps to explain the “why’s” and “how’s” behind what is happening in their life.

Once they take the time to explore it and learn more about it, more clarity is found; more peace abounds, and not surprisingly, their spiritual connection with God/Source strengthens.


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