Science, more and more, is revolutionizing the way that we view the world. Quantum physicists continue to dig further and further to the smallest essence of our existence, viewing at the very core of life itself, particles of energy. They are finding all sorts of amazing discoveries about the behavior of energy particles as they are being observed by a person. The outcomes are astonishing–proving that thought (preconceived or seemingly instant) has a direct effect on the way a particle behaves. Author Gregg Braden, goes into more detail about these types of discoveries in his book, The Divine Matrix.

What does this have to do with The Law of Attraction?

Since all matter, in its smallest form, consists of vibrating particles of energy, by virtue of the Law of Attraction, that which is like unto itself is drawn. Our thought patterns are measurable frequencies. As with a television or a radio, when the station is “dialed-in,” the receptor attuned to the particular frequency emitted receives it. The radio or TV is “tuned-in” and thus able to receive a clear, visual picture or audible sound.

The same is true for all persons and things. In addition to being vibrational beings, science is also concluding that no one is separate from anything or anyone. There are areas in our brain that even mimic thought-forms by others who are near us without words ever being exchanged. These experiences are evident through experiences like this:

  • Determining a person’s thought through body language
  • Being able to pick up on someone’s mood just by being around them
  • Being able to sense when your baby is crying even though they are with the babysitter
  • Thinking about someone and within minutes, that person calls you.

These items seem like what many would call coincidences. They are synchronicities that reveal when you are vibrating at a like frequency as a person, place or thing.

People who understand this concept can actually use certain practices to begin attuning their thoughts and emotions with what they want to see happen in their life. One thing about the Law of Attraction that creates many “aha” moments for people is that once they understand how it works, they realize that the situations and circumstances they are presently experiencing are the results of their patterns of thinking and emotions around those thoughts. So, instead of paying more attention to their “current reality” as is, they can begin to consider a “different reality” as what they want to see or want to have manifest in their lives.


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