“Some of the coolest dreams that ever came true, Megan, weren’t dreams at all, but standards that simply weren’t compromised.”-Mike Dooley

Dream Catcher

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As you can see by the personalization in this quote, I’ve subscribed to receive these little messages on a daily basis from “The Universe.”  I absolutely love receiving these little notes composed by the writer Mike Dooley, one of the featured experts in the movie, The Secret.  He has a very humorous and witty writing style that keeps the fun and imagination at play when consciously activating the Law of Attraction.

This quote spoke loudly to me today because it taps back into another aspect of consciousness that oftentimes gets overlooked or underrated.  I’m speaking of dreams, whether they occur while dazing outside of your bedroom window, while you’re waiting in the doctor’s office, while reading one of your favorite romance novels or actually sleeping.  Dreams present a canvas and very revealing information about what you’re getting ready to see in your physical existence.

Furthermore, this quote presents another perspective of what dreams actually are. Mike Dooley suggests that the dreams that come true are consistent and persistent thoughts that were not tainted or misconstrued in anyway.  How many times do we let people persuade us into believing that something we aspire to achieve is unattainable? We set the standard that we’re going to be happy and fulfilled everyday.  We meet someone who challenges this happiness standard by being rude and inconsiderate. Instead of our thoughts billowing toward the side of disappointment and offense, we remain true to our standard of happiness and flash a toothy grin to the unsuspecting offender.  Low and behold, our smile is contagious, and they can’t stay grumpy for long.

What would have happened if we let our standard of being happy and joyous at all times falter?  We could have adopted that sour mood and deadened our desire.  Our manifestation of happiness at all times would no longer be true.

That’s a lighthearted example.  Let’s take another example of the musician who believes without a doubt that they will be a multi-platinum recording artist.  The odds are stacked against them.  They do not live in a stable home.  They have little to no money in their pockets.  They are not sure what they are going to eat on a daily basis, but instead of jumping at every temptation for success that comes their way, they are determined to put out only quality material and will not settle for less.  It may take this person ten years to even get noticed, but once they do, because they have not settled for less or diluted their standards, their award-winning dreams become reality because the excellence of their character and talent have not been compromised.

When setting sight on what you desire, make it so and make it believable to you so that you will not waver at every fleeting thought or doubt.  Plant your dream firmly in your imagination so that the Law of Attraction can work in your favor to ensure that all of your dreams, without hesitation, will come true.

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