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In my research of the Law of Attraction, I’m beginning to come across more people throughout the world that have known of this law, as well as how to activate it, but call it something different.  It reminds me of people all over the world knowing that there is a Divine Intelligence, how to communicate with that Divine Intelligence, but call it something different like God, Spirit, Source, etc.  So, I was not surprised when I read an article entitled Light-Switch Huna written by Dr. E. Otha Wingo of Huna Research Inc. that sounded like another method for activating the Law of Attraction.

A simple system.

I was drawn to the subtitle of this article: A Simple System for Using the Huna System without Theories, History or Explanations of Special Terminology.  The immediate response I had in my head from looking at this was, There’s no need to go into the validation, who said what, how it works, etc. Just let go of attachment to having to know all of the time and trust that the Divine is showing you another way to manifest.

It was a very peaceful realization, which let me know I was on a path that’s conducive to my learning without having read further than the subtitle.

The importance of clarity.

As I began to read the article, I immediately saw the similarities with what Law of Attraction teachers present in their materials for co-creation. One interesting contrast to note is that unlike certain Law of Attraction teachers, the very first tip that was given was to be clear and free of any blockages and confusion.  That’s usually the last step from teachers.  I liked what I was reading so I continued.

Light-Switch 1: Visualization. 

The first Light-Switch was to create visualization; the same as any Law of Attraction teacher would suggest.  The article gave specific and concise instructions on how to do this with one vision at a time. It coincided with other Law of Attraction techniques of adding feeling and emotion with yourself in the picture.  It also suggested leaving out negative statements in your expression.

Light-Switch 2: Meditation.

The second Light-Switch is meditation and adding energy to your desire.  The difference I saw here is that the creation of more energy is the focus of the meditation and not the intent focus of one aspect of your visualization.  Again, specific and concise instructions were given how to do this.  Parts of the instructions were to think affirming statements to yourself such as “I now ask my inner consciousness to send this picture to the Higher Consciousness along with a generous supply of energy to be brought into reality.”  This was very powerful to me.

Light-Switch 3: Detachment

Simply put, the third Light-Switch was detachment from the outcome; where you release the expectation by not keeping score or checking in on the results–simply trusting the Divine to deliver on the vision and letting it go in the meantime.  This coincides immensely with the Law of Attraction and is sometimes left out of teachings.

Light-Switch 4: Constant Flowing Meditation

Finally, Light-Switch number four is the continual energy flow meditation on a daily basis to keep sending amplified energetic vibrations to Higher Consciousness, which continues fueling the desire without really thinking about it in detail (maintaining a sense of detachment).

All of the switches sounded like simple Law of Attraction techniques that seem basic and fundamental to conscious co-creation.  The last tidbit of information that I found to be interesting is that the actual word Huna means “secret.”

I wonder if Rhonda Byrne read this article before deciding on her name for her movie.

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