With the not-so-new phenomenon of the Universal Law of Attraction peaking the mainstream’s interest, many people think it goes against their beliefs, and have a hard time validating or acknowledging its existence. In my opinion, that’s just like saying the Universal Law of Gravity goes against my beliefs. Wouldn’t that sound foolish? Would anyone even consider looking at the Law of Gravity as if it is contradictory at all with their religious affiliations? Probably not. This is one healthy and sensible way to look at the Universal Law of Attraction.

Quite frankly, the Law of Attraction is not a belief system, set of rules, doctrine or religion of any sort. It is simply a Law that exists. The Law states that whatever you think about the most with the strongest emotions while thinking (either consciously or unconsciously) you will attract. If one would take a step back and look at this Law, they should see how it is directly affecting their lives, and not going against anything their religion or dogma teaches.

Since the Law is Universal, it’s always working and it applies to everyone. It’s no respecter of person, religion, age, race, sex or affiliation of any sorts. Therefore, the Law of Attraction can actually help to explain “why” and “how” certain things happen to certain people regardless of their denomination or faith.

For instance, compare two sick Christians. One sick Christian, when they receive healing, really believes wholeheartedly that they have been healed. They confess this belief everyday. Each time they may feel their faith waning slighting, they continue to confess the present condition of being whole and healed. This faith is unshakable. They have great emotion present when they confess their healing. They release the outcome by trusting God fully.

On the other hand, the other sick Christian receives the same healing blessing but instead of fortifying their faith through confessions they are more emotionally driven by the doctor’s reports. They are laden with fear although they may say with their mouth, “I’m healed.” They partially believe that they are healed, and the emotion is stronger toward the fear. They are attached to the outcome of being healed by not fully trusting God.

According to the Law of Attraction, the first believer thought and felt the most about being healed with detachment from the outcome, and therefore caused the manifestation of their healing to come forth. Conversely, the second believer thought and felt the most about possibly not being healed with attachment to the outcome, and therefore caused the manifestation of their healing to be delayed.

Understanding this Law and applying it to your life can be quite liberating if you take into account the fact that it does not go against anything that you believe. You can still wear your cross, your star of David, your Om, your bindi, your ankh, your celtic knot, your kufi, your galabia or your yin and yang with a smile, feeling confident that God isn’t frowning upon you for embracing the Law of Attraction.


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