the power of giving

The power of giving

I received a disturbing knock on my door one weeknight around 10 pm. I yelled, “Who is it” through the door, and heard the name spoken back to me of a young boy who lonesomely moved about the neighborhood. This boy had a history of being mischievous and somewhat of a troublemaker in school. I was aware of his possible affiliations with drug dealers and gang members, but I never knew for sure. Either way, because of the time of night and who it was, even though I was familiar with this young person, I didn’t feel like it was wise to open the door. All sorts of bad images came to my head of what could possibly happen, who if anyone, may want to try and hurt me, or if he had a weapon. Needless to say, I didn’t answer the door and felt a bit edgy for the next few days. I did my best not to think about any more negativity.

The weekend comes, and the weather is nice. It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I receive the same sounding knock at my door once again. This time, I happen to look out the window and see the face of this same young person. Although a slight twinge of nervousness came to me, I decided to greet him with a kind welcoming smile. ”Good afternoon,” I said. “How are you?” From the moment I greeted him until two hours later, this familiar teenager felt comfortable and safe enough to share with me many of the things that have happened in his life and the lessons learned.

We sat on the porch and I listened intently to his stories of near-death experiences, brushes with the law, family problems, and all of the seeming impossible obstacles and odds that he had to face on a daily basis. However, in the midst of his stories, this 18 year old young man never stopped smiling. He had a very jovial, honest, giving, grateful, trusting and hopeful disposition. He expressed numerous times his appreciation for the lessons he learned growing up, his respect for elders and women and his natural propensity for giving.

As he continued to share with me the tragedies, they were always followed with a triumph. Each negative situation was overcome by his positive thinking, inner strength and his will to be different than his environment dictated.

I saw his eyes gleam and dance when he began to talk about how “lucky” he is. He continued to tell me many stories about where his unselfish giving in whatever capacity he could, resulted in some type of blessing, mostly monetarily and almost immediately. He giggled when he mentioned how his friends “try” to be “lucky” but it doesn’t work for them. He said, “It’s because they’re trying and not actually doing good for people from their hearts.” He knew the difference. He always remembers what it was like to have to walk in the rain for 10 miles to get to where he was going to sleep for the night and people looked at him like he’s scum. He recalls when he tried to get side jobs doing yard work being ignored. So, he’ll sacrifice his immediate need to help someone who appears to be less fortunate than him, simply out of the kindness of his heart, expecting nothing in return. His unexpected reward is always something of monetary value.

Watching him tell the story of how he won a couple hundred dollars in the lottery, or how he found money on the ground, in his pocket, under chairs, or people would just give him money out of the blue, made my heart sing.

I could see first hand how the Law of Attraction was working in this young man’s life. He’s in an environment that has huge stereotypes and expectations of death and prison. Instead of shouting “no” to it, he’s not only visualizing and achieving a happier road, he’s expressing gratitude and unselfish acts of giving abundantly from his source without feeling any lack or attachment, and he is manifesting a better life and receiving monetary gifts from God.

It turned out to be a very pleasant visit that he didn’t want to end so soon. He was enjoying being able to “get it out,” and speak to someone who would listen. With his unselfishness, he manifested a listening ear. I just happened to be the person lucky enough to give it to him.

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