“Say what you mean and mean what you say.”

… Sounds like quite a frank statement to some, but this can be very profound to others. The message in this little quote is simple. When you think of something, whether or not “truth” is an issue, if you’re going to speak it, and believe it, mean it. Since this is part two of an article series for tools and tips for applying the Universal Law of Attraction to your life, this quote fits quite handsomely.

Words have always been a powerful creation tool since the beginning of life as we know it. Christians believe that God spoke the infamous phrase “let there be light” and there was light. In the Bible, it talks about how Jesus told his disciples that they can speak to a mountain and the mountain can be moved, or when he said “peace be still” to the ocean waters and they resolved in a gentle calm. The same energy that fueled the spoken word then is the same now, for energy cannot be created or destroyed. It just is.

Our last tool dealt with visualizations: seeing what it is you want to create in your mind. It starts as a thought formation, and becomes a vivid picture in your brain. The same is true for words. You may see them or hear them first to yourself as a thought formation, and then they are presented in the Universe for either yourself or others to hear. Once they are audible and they reverberate back into the brain, it helps to “close the circuit” so to speak (no pun intended) of the thought form.

However, it is very important to realize that saying words alone are not enough to activate the Law of Attraction in the manner you want. You see, the Law of Attraction is responding to your thoughts and emotions. If you think to say, “I am worthy of all the love in my life,” but you’re feeling as if this is a false statement and the emotion that’s activated when you think and say this is negative, then the Law of Attraction is going to respond to your negative vibration, and not just your positive-sounding affirmation.

With that said, it’s imperative when you use affirming language, that you mean what you’re saying. Begin to believe in your heart that what you’re saying is actually true despite not seeing the physical evidence of it just yet. We are living in the residuals of our past thoughts and feelings. Knowing this, you can begin to generate happy feelings around your positive affirmations, and feel good/confident that what you are affirming to yourself is going to manifest. Make them into a declarative statement to pump up the emotional output.

Most people resonate with the phrase, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Make it a common practice to say the reverse, “I believe it so I’m going to see it.” Visualizations and Affirmations easily overlap, but they require the same effort to move your negative emotions to positive emotions around what it is you’re visualizing and affirming.

Next, we’ll go into more about releasing, cleansing and detachment. Be sure to check out the article that talks about Ho’oponopono, the ultimate cleaning tool.


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