Have you ever wondered why the very thing you desire the most seems to elude you the more you want it? “Forever” takes on a new definition when it comes to when your manifestation will actually occur. Most often, these moments are accompanied by that all too common nervous reaction called “anxiety.” This experience alone, if unrecognized, will make some people throw their hands in the air and exclaim “this law of attraction stuff doesn’t work.” Indeed, that can be the case if you are unaware of the need for detachment.

Like I wrote in a previous article about resistance, detachment is a critical factor for releasing those areas of defeat and doubt. These negative emotions by default begin to bubble to the surface when the conscious and subconscious minds go to battle about what is and isn’t possible based on your current experiences. Because they are at constant war with one another, unbeknownst to us, we have to release the necessity for the boxing match in the first place.

That’s where detachment becomes the referee and says, “Stop! The fight is over! No one wins. Everyone sit down, relax, take a sip of water, and leave the rest up to the Divine. No more questions. Just say thank you to the Divine for releasing you from your possible endless demise and quarreling.”

Many of us are familiar with the expression “Let go and let God.” This is a statement of the concept of detachment at its finest. It’s as if our minds are yelling so loudly about what’s not happening, what’s going to happen, what could happen, and what should happen in both thought and deed, that we drown out the voice of God/intuition that gives us the exact direction we should move in any given point in time. When we let go of feeling like we must do something to reach our goals and allow our activity to be guided by inspiration, then we seem to move more effortlessly through life.

Here’s a quick list of tools that can be used to facilitate detachment:
  • Ho’oponopono, rooted in love, forgiveness, repentance and appreciation.
  • Huna “Light Switch” method, also rooted in the above as ho’oponopono but includes setting intentions and fueling them with concentrated energy after praying for detachment.
  • Switchwords, a tool for stabilizing the minds to allow intuition to guide directly to results, initially researched and discovered by James T. Mangan.
  • Writing your issue/desire on an index card; venting all of the possibilities of your expectations, giving your attention to primarily the best ones you really want to see. Use visualization techniques while doing so until the issue/desire has been fully expressed onto the card. Next, take the card and either destroy it or put it someplace where you’ll forget about it. The next time you think of the issue/desire tell yourself that you’re done trying to figure it out, throw your hands in the air and trust the Divine/God to direct you to the resources, people, places and things to facilitate the delivery. Forget about it, relax, go on with your day, and act on intuition.

I touched on gratitude and appreciation a tiny bit. They are also very critical parts in the co-creation process, thus the topic of the next tip article.


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