One of the key elements for positively activating the Law of Attraction in your life  mentioned in the movie, “The Secret,” was gratitude.

Gratitude by definition is thankfulness or being thankful. I can honestly say there isn’t a day that goes by where I do not express gratitude for something: my health, my senses, my breath, my career, my dogs, my family- the list is virtually endless.

I can say however, that there are times where I’m truly thankful and grateful yet I don’t actually feel the emotion of thankfulness as deeply as others. Try to recall the feeling stirred inside you when you were a child and your mother made you say “thank you” to someone when they gave you a compliment, or when you received a really nice gift.

Thinking back on those feelings, those different experiences yielded two distinct emotions even though they both included the phrase “thank you.” Even now, I recognize a difference when I’m expressing gratitude in a way that seems rote and routine or in a way that seems pure and genuine.

Which one is probably yielding the results I desire? You guessed it!–The pure and genuine expression of gratitude.

I call this ideal expression of this attractive emotion “appreciation.” When you appreciate something, there’s value immediately attached to it.

You would feel a void of some sort if it was missing and recognized in that moment. You possibly feel like you owe it to a person who helped you in hard times, your deep, heart-felt appreciation for all they did for you. That’s your unaltered gift to them in return for their graciousness.

I know at times, when I simply say “thank you,” I almost feel like I’m taking something away from the person or entity I’m thanking. For them to give me something, I have to be on the receiving end, but it doesn’t always feel like genuine gratitude.

On the other hand, when I express appreciation using the words “thank you,” then I feel like I’m not only receiving their gift, but I’m also giving something back to them in return.

Here’s a classic example of the difference I recognize between gratitude and appreciation: My significant other compliments me on my dress. I simply say “thank you” feeling grateful he gave me a compliment but not really giving him any credit for actually giving it to me. I just take the compliment and run with it feeling pretty good he said it.

Here’s a twist on the same example: My significant other compliments me on my dress. I say “thank you” and let him know I really appreciated him saying those words. I follow it up with this instead: “That really means a lot to me.” “You brightened my day. Thank you so much. I love you.”

Feeling the emotion of appreciation beyond gratitude allowed me to have a deeper connection with the sweetness of the moment and tap into other emotions such as happiness and love.

Expressing gratitude is very powerful because it sends signals out to the Universe, which connect you with other things to be grateful for.

As you express more gratitude, more will be delivered to you. Understand that the intensity of this expression is what’s going to have the most profound impact.

Consider how you ultimately and want to feel the next time you utter those words: “thank you.” Add some power to the punch by making sure you add a whopping dose of appreciation in there as well.


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One Response to Law of Attraction Tools: Part 4 – Gratitude vs. Appreciation

  1. Diarra says:

    Oh yes! Great point. The words “thank you” can often become so routine & mundane. Sort of like reflexes. I love how u point this out bcuz we so often easily take the words for granted. I mean when a loved one gives us a compliment or a small gift, it’s a big difference from when a cashier gives us our change back from a purchase and hands us our bags. I mean of course we are thankful that they didn’t throw it at us but are we giving that same level of gratitude or thanks to our mate who gives us something simple yet special? Unfortunately, sometimes we do, out of reflex. Yes, we will say “thank you,” we need to say all of our “thank you’s” and mean them. But Zero-ing in on the moments when we are being given something (no matter what it is) and meshing it with the source of who or what it’s coming from & how it really makes us feel, can create a deeper meaning. Therefore, we should give the source of the giving a more genuine, meaningful reply of “thanks” that comes from within and has no choice but to exude outwards to that person & the universe. A depth of warmth, an inner feeling of extra psyced-ness & totally happiness. As u say, APPRECIATION.
    How true, we go around preaching “I’m grateful, I’m expressing gratitude for all things!” But I’m feeling u on this. The deeper the “gratitude” the more it would truly embody heartfelt “appreciation”. That deepness resounds loud enough for the universe to hear. Which is truly necessary in keeping the continuation of the giving/receiving cycle going in our lives here. I love this article bcuz bottom line, when we practice more moments of appreciation (gratitude with depth), more of what we desire land upon us.

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