In Joe Vitale’s book, Zero Limits, Mr. Fire himself expressed that upon learning Ho’oponopono, the practice around which Zero Limits is based upon; he began feeling an enormous amount of self-doubt around all of his previous writings, especially The Attractor Factor.

What he was learning about Ho’oponopono seemed to contradict what he’s teaching people in his continuous best-selling book.

At this realization, Joe Vitale mentioned he felt all he had taught in the past about setting intentions was false. This is only part of the story.

How many of us criticize ourselves and feel horrible when we’re faced with something, which shakes up our way of doing things?

We’ve been doing something for so long a certain way, only to find out later there’s a better way, which seems to negate how we’ve been operating in the first place.

This is part of the human condition and not to be looked down upon, but as a chance to recognize considerable change, growth and shifting for higher, lighter and more rewarding experiences.

One thing to recognize when hearing something or experiencing something new for the first time is not to necessarily disregard what you’ve been previously doing as “wrong.” Remember, we’re each starting from our own special point.

In the case of Joe Vitale, he wrote The Attractor Factor to teach people how to set intentions and get clear. He manifested many things, and it wasn’t until hindsight he could even mention that he could’ve been blocking much more.

At the end of his intentions, he would say “this or something greater” to allow room for something greater.

So, at the time he wrote The Attractor Factor, He felt as if he was allowing room for more than what he could possibly imagine. He’s been attracting stuff long enough that he can see in his specific case, it’s time for him to bump it up a notch.

Even though he said there’s possibility for blockage, the great part about attraction is that being clear with YOUR vision and desire, will definitely bring those desires to you. You will get what you want, and once you get there, you may desire something else, but at the end of the day, you will have what you wanted.

Will you complain? Probably not. Will you then recognize there’s probably more you can be, do, or have? Probably, but it’s a process. So, worrying about blocking is probably causing the blocking more so than setting the intention.

The most important thing to recognize in cases like this is to start from where you are on your learning curve. Many people have recently learned the Law of Attraction exists and need to experiment with this information before they can actually take it to another level, as Joe Vitale has done in his life and written about.

Remember, we all learn from our unique experiences and those experiences shape our character.

When Dr. Vitale learned about Ho’oponopono, the timing was Divine. For those who learn about Ho’oponopono after spending much time around the studying of the Law of Attraction, that’s fine too. You’re at the right place at the right time, hearing and receiving information as you’re vibrating and allowing.

As Abraham-Hicks says, “All is well.”


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