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Picture this. You’re walking down the street near a busy intersection in a major, economically sound, wealth-filled, booming city. It’s cold outside and a bit wet. People are briskly moving as their day seems to be fleeting by with time showing no mercy. Beneath the layer of moisture that has saturated the concrete; you catch a glimpse of a dull and oxidized coin with the face of a dead president on it. This particular president is facing the right, as if his back has been turned toward the other presidents. The coin he adorns has been assigned the lowest monetary value in the United States: one cent. What action do you take when you see this penny?

Do you pick it up and hope no one’s looking?

Or do you stop for a second, smile, pick up the penny and hold it up to the sky shouting “thank you Universe!”

I have to be honest; I don’t always hold the pennies I find up in the air for all to notice while I dance ferociously in elation. However, I do feel a sense of deep heart-felt gratitude for being given a great gift of abundance from the Universe. I smile in appreciation and say thank you. I repeat the affirmation, “I am financially free. The Universe is filled with ever expanding prosperity and I deserve all of it.” I quietly say thank you and tuck it away in my pocket to be added to my financial freedom account later in the day. I’m activating the Law of Attraction in such a way that proves that I am worthy of abundance. I express gratitude for any form of wealth that I receive. It doesn’t matter the quantity, but the perceived value. When I look at a penny, I don’t see merely one cent. I see proof that my vibrations are in alignment with receiving more money and wealth. This excites me!

On the other hand, if I ignore free money on the ground, what is that sending to the Universe? That is sending a signal on a subconscious level that suggests I do not value money as energy. When the Universe picks up on this signal, it interprets it as, “That’s nothing. It’s worthless, thus attracting more “nothing” and “worthless” experiences in my life.

Conversely, if I do pick up the money but I’m afraid someone may cast judgment on me for collecting a penny from the ground, which gives off the vibe to the Universe of being fearful of people’s opinions of me regarding money; this sends a mix signal of worthiness and unworthiness. On one hand, the action suggests that I’m worthy and appreciative of being abundant. Simultaneously, another signal is sent that I don’t deserve to have this gift because someone may think I’m poor. These two signals may actually cancel each other depending on which feeling is stronger. If the latter is stronger, than the Universe will respond accordingly and provide more situations and circumstances where you’ll be left wondering how someone thinks and perceives you in regard to money.

What do you think is the simplest way to become a money magnet? You guessed it! Pick up a penny and be thankful the next time you do so. If you remember to look at the wording on the coin, it states clear as day, “In God We Trust.” Do you? If so, believe it to be so when you pick up the coin. Thank the Absolute, being joyous and appreciative of the added abundance that you currently have. You’ll be vibrating in alignment with having more wealth in your life, and thus attracting it to you. I’m sure you can appreciate more wealth right?

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