Wouldn't it be nice if?

Wouldn’t it be nice if?

Have you ever been abruptly awakened from a deep sleep from a dream that seemed so real that it frightened you? That has happened to me often, but there was one particular time, where I experienced a very real and negative emotional memory that was playing in my subconscious mind while sleeping. My normal reaction is to say, “Oh, it’s just a dream,” and attempt to fall back asleep. However, this time, it seemed so real and so true, as if I was experiencing some premonition.

Needless to say, I didn’t like the picture or where my mind, body and emotions were going with the picture. I was very tempted to write the person involved in the dream to ask about the incident and what they may know about it already. I decided not to because continuing to give this type of attention to the vision, while feeling very uneasy about it, I knew was creating something that I wasn’t going to be pleased with later.

Earlier in the evening, I’d just finish watching The Law of Attraction in Action, a two-disc DVD program of an Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing Workshop. The focus of the workshop was how to recognize and interpret the emotional indicators of how in or out of alignment we are with our desires that we constantly launch. I found listening to Abraham through Esther Hicks so interestingly fascinating. At times, it felt reminiscent of messages I would receive in church regarding the power of God.

This article is going to focus on one of the examples that Abraham used as a demonstration for the overall message of “Closing the Gap.” I’ve written an additional article that goes into more detail about what “the gap” is and how to close it. Nonetheless, the exercise that this article focuses on is using the statement, “Wouldn’t it be nice if,” and filling it in with whatever you are wanting to see or change in your immediate experience, which in turn will help you feel much better about the situation that triggered a negative emotional response.

I recalled this exercise after being startled by the pain and lump in my throat from my vivid dream earlier. I decided to switch the focus to my statements and see how quickly my emotions would shift. Without going into too much detail, the results were amazing because I only remember needing to come up with about two or three “Wouldn’t it be nice if” statements… before being able to drift back to sleep without any worries, concerns, questions or additional ill thoughts.

I woke up the next morning with no recollection of the dream at first. I can recall parts of it now, but there are no intense emotions that accompany the replay. In addition to that, the replay only occurred just now because I just thought about it while creating this portion of the article!-lol

Needless to say, applying this technique was very easy to do. I simply just had to remember to make the conscious effort to use words and new images created by the words to switch my focus. Having altered my focus, my emotions were adjusted to better feelings and back in alignment with peace. My results happened in a matter of about two minutes, if that long. This exercise can be applied to anything! Anytime you’re feeling somewhere in the gamut of negative emotions, use this quick and painless reminder statement to get the wheels turning in the direction of better feeling emotions. Wouldn’t it be nice if?”

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