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Each day, we are given a chance to begin again and tread a step closer to our Divine walk in righteousness. This doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be reclusive or extra “spiritual” beings. It simply means we should seek balance with our Spirit and the Divine through our connection of Love to it, in and through all things and people. This will help us manifest harmony, peace, health and wealth in our lives, beyond what the ego mind may seduce us to think or do.

No matter what we face, it is actually an illusion; something overlaying what reality is.  Recognizing this, a simple solution is turning inward to God, remembering that we aren’t separate beings from the Creator, but yet, One.  Before going about your day, take a moment to get quiet and touch God.

The following Morning Prayer will help with beginning a morning meditation:

Dear God,

 I come before you, bearing concepts of thought that I have adopted;

Thoughts that are connected to the ego—the illusion, and not of the purity and completeness that exists within me.

I realize that all I have experienced is the result of past conditioning either through conscious and unconscious thoughts and acts of my direct/indirect ancestors, or conscious and unconscious thoughts and acts of my own.

For those experiences that continue to perpetuate and illusion of disempowerment,

Whether I am aware or not, I ask forgiveness.

I apologize by saying, “I’m sorry.”

I make peace with this acknowledgement by expressing continual Gratitude and Love.

At this moment, I understand and Atone.

I now surrender the parts of me that seek to resist change in any area of my life that would deter me from your Divine will of Love and Healing.

I ask that at this point, all of the masculine and feminine energy I possess be directed in harmony according to your will, to lead to the greatest good of humanity, which is Love.

I allow you to show the steps,

provide the resources, and the people

to make the furtherance of your mission for me possible

here in this energetic realm we call Earth.

I am ready to receive.

Please take chare of this day

I thank you for providing the voice that comforts and allows my whole self to be at ease and radiate my fullest capacity to exude you.

 It is in Light of your Divine presence and purpose of Love that I say this prayer.


I encourage you to request prayers for anything you may be facing where you want someone else to agree with you and help to bring to pass what it is that may be of some concern. Remember, there is a spiritual solution to any problem, which requires you to look inward. Don’t forget that you are connected to God, and the answers will become evident when you are ready to receive it.  The answer may be something you didn’t think was possible.  It may even be something that seems so far fetched from anything you could imagine.  That will be the presence of a miracle.

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  1. could you please pray that i be successful in finding a hun a priest, who can do spiritual healing? also i need a huna psycologist for counseling. thanks!

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