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Remember when you were younger, how all of the lessons your parents taught you didn’t seem to stick that well?

You would hear your mother always say something, and it wasn’t until you got much older that you realized what she’d been telling you all along.  This is still true even as adults.

There are moments where we’re presented with information that could help change our lives forever, but yet we ignore or pass over it. Sometimes, we don’t even see it.

It’s because we’re not ready to receive the information.

No matter how hard a teacher, master, coach or leader sweats to get you to accept the information they’re presenting to you, you can not accept or receive it until you are ready.

How do you know you’re ready?

There will be no question in your mind about wanting to receive the information. Often times, if one perceives a risk with getting the information, then there will be some apprehension.  If one sees a possible loss with getting the information, there may be some resistance.

If you truly focus on the benefit and what invaluable information can do for you, then you start to move beyond the blockages that oftentimes may prevent you from receiving pertinent instruction and guidance.

Here, I present you with two FREE options to start your new journey.

Here’s access to a 7 Day Focused Fast Track quick course.  Megan will send you specific messages for the next 7 days that will help to propel you to the next level. This level of coaching is completely FREE to you.7-day-focused-fast-track

We respect your email privacy


We respect your email privacy

I suggest trying one of these methods first to see your level of commitment and to notice if you’re starting to recognize significant change in your life.  After you have completed one or both of these programs, you can contact us to discuss further coaching and mentoring programs.

Here’s to your success!

A Teacher has appeared.  Are you ready to receive?