Talking about the Law of Attraction is one thing. Learning how to operate and function consciously with the Law of Attraction in mind is another.

There are many tools and techniques that both conscious and unconscious Law of Attraction practitioners do, which help to positively activate it in their lives for the good. However, most of us conversely activate the dual component of the Law of Attraction almost instantly and we don’t even realize it’s virtually nullifying the very thing we desire and delivering more of what we’re trying to avoid. The law that considers this effect is the Law of Resistance.

This law is simply another way of looking at the Law of Attraction in action. The Law of Resistance takes into account pushing against something. An example of a statement that points to this law is, “I’m fighting against the war on terror.” Another example is, “I am anti-abortion.” Most often though, the Law of Resistance is activated simultaneously with the Law of Attraction when we use contractions like “don’t,” “won”t,” “can’t,” “shouldn’t,” or wouldn’t.”

What usually follows the contraction is the subject of our resistance. If you’re so intently focusing on being against poverty, by making statements like, “I can’t beat the system.” The system is the focus of your resistance, and the Law of Attraction doesn’t respond to the “can’t” part; only the emotions connected to the subject of your resistance (the system). Constantly focusing on the system and what hindrances you experience because of it, make it persist longer in your life.

Most of us do this unconsciously. We focus so much on what we don’t want and what we don’t like, that we never really take the time to concentrate long and often enough on what we do want and do like. This is where perception plays a large role in the outcomes that people have. We notice cases everyday where a person’s attitude dictates the rest of their life. If they operate with a negative disposition most often, they are presented with more negative situations and circumstances. The same is true for someone who notices or cares to recognize the positive in all situations and the desired outcomes. They seem to have more “blessings” and lucky breaks.

Self-perception plays a major role in all of this. When you feel empowered, you’re more likely to have a loftier stance. When you feel disempowered, many people begin to identify and wear “helplessness” and blame as a badge of honor. Those who change, do so consciously and with faith.

Michael Losier, in his book The Law of Attraction, gives a very useful tool for changing your perception around statements that activate the Law of Resistance. He says to make two columns: one that lists everything you don’t like or don’t want. The other column is where you would write a statement that reframes the resistance-filled statement with a statement that contains your actual desire.

For example, the left column would contain a statement like this: “I don’t want to have to keep worrying about my bills.” The right column would read: “I can pay my bills and even have more to live with and give.”

Understanding that the Law of Resistance will rear its head almost instantly when working with the Law of Attraction can help people pinpoint the very thoughts that are activating this law and causing what they want to take longer to manifest. It takes willingness and belief to make thinking like this a habit. It’s a life-long commitment to positive perception, having the understanding that the negative helps to maintain balance and provide contrast.


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