I think it’s safe to say most people would frown their face at an adult who would blatantly tell a child they’re “nothing,”… not creative, “powerless,” and “flawed” by simply being born.

Can you imagine the level of self-pity and isolation this child would feel if they were told by the “authorities” in their communities, households and schools this information on a regular basis?

Picture the message being blanketed in fear-based condemnation if the child even questioned “why” they were being told they are “puny” and “limited” in their thinking capacities, then being shunned for being audacious enough to question the authoritative figure.
In my observation of very young children in my everyday work, I see, in the midst of their sometimes “selfishness,” very genuine characteristics of “oneness” and togetherness they still feel and yearn for with other people.

Sure, some children are very shy and can be a bit apprehensive about opening up, but once they embrace you, you become part of their world without much continual hesitation and virtually zero judgment.

You are loved without condition.

However, as we get older, our experiences and environments change how we perceive ourselves, and we seek to “belong” thus classifying ourselves into categories, races, sects and labels.

This yearning usually stems from the underlying desire of all people to always be connected to the Divine Source of Love, but unfortunately, most people float away from this basic and absolute “need” due to programming and gravitation toward developing an “identity” that is separate from anyone else.

As children we understand the absolute “need” of Love clearly even though we’re probably unconscious of it. Therefore, when we first arrive on the planet as infants, we’re born with the understanding that no separation into “sub-cultures” is necessary because the “ego” or “self” has not been overly fed and fattened by the environment.

The Higher “Self” or our subconscious/intuitive mind is still highly attuned and communicative with the Divine.

So referring back to the initial illustration, it baffles me that society, religion, culture, and the environment in general put so much emphasis on disempowering the human “Self” with the exact same messages above.

How absurd does it seem to tell a child that they create nothing, yet expect that as an adult, you should accept that you create nothing because only God creates? Doesn’t it seem ridiculous to even suggest to a child they’re nothing, but yet suggest to a fellow human being they are powerless without God?

There seems to be a huge disconnect which stems from the “Separatist Syndrome” the conditioning we experience in this energetic realm of earth as we get older. We arrive knowing that we’re connected to God and never feel or operate outside of that connection. However, as we age and are conditioned, we forget this and start relinquishing the very capacity that distinguishes the human from any other species: the human brain.

The only “self” that can actually be considered dangerous is the “ego,” because it’s guilty of fostering the separation of our Higher “Self” from God. This is where the definition must be clear.

In conclusion, there’s no need to view your “Self” as separate from God, as this is your direct connection to Source, which ALWAYS resides inside of you. Trust not your lower “self” as letting this portion of your mind govern your life can lead to what most people would describe as “danger,” what you must be careful of.

Let’s return to our initial state of allowing your “Self” to be in constant communication with the Divine through Love.


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One Response to The Law of Attraction: “Separatist Syndrome,” Is There a Differentiation of “Self?”

  1. Diarra says:

    Along those lines, I teach my child to be responsible for her own actions & be herself. Of course, she doesn’t always listen. I mean, I understand that it can sometimes be very difficult…she like us all, is a spiritual creation, born into humanity…and human kids will be humans. lol. As Eckhart Tolle says, (and not in these exact words) human ways are naturally negative or destructive ways bcuz of ego. We are the only species that create situations that purposely as well as indirectly for whatever reason harm each other and/or our own selves (wars, create bombs, destroy the earth, etc). As mentioned in the article, culture, society, etc creates these things that we fall into which produces the constant destruction of our spiritual breakdown. Allowing us to easily separate ourselves from pure spirit.
    So basically it is up to us to individually get that human part of us (ego) in check.
    And we should teach the children this (in a way they can comprehend) early so as they grow they are aware…even if they stray, they are aware.
    It was taught to me a few years ago, that we as humans (our ego-ic selves) have the tendency to so often put everything on God as if, as u stated, God is an outside force which is not a part of us. We tend to say things like, “I am not gonna worry, I’ll just give it to God.” So much that it gives us a temporary sigh of relief to not have to do “the work” that is involved in tapping into our spiritual oneness and shedding our human ego-ic ways. But when we do this, we ended up worrying anyway or feeling some type of underlying, indescribable feelings that are not in line with our pure spirit.
    The release of our egoic ways is a daunting process that for many of us, we don’t just snap out of. It takes desire, intention, time, focus, and constant awareness. It takes alignment. The ego is strong. Creating a connection with source and living it day by day allows for a human to recognize & overcome ego every time it presents itself. Again, it can be hard bcuz we are born into this world where we are subconsciously programmed to live within our egos as opposed to our spirit. The defeat of ego is an ongoing process and should become a way of life. We must live as what we truly are, a part of The Creator, one with the Love Creator. and anything that stands in the way of that, we must use our divine connection to acknowledge the opposition and simply redirect.

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