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There’s Hope. It doesn’t cost a thing to smile. You don’t have to pay to laugh. You better thank God for that.- India.Arie

The passionate, soul-stirring, chocolate-skinned, impeccable songstress, songwriter and guitarist provides lyrics in all of her songs that dig deep to the core of life itself. Several years ago, the Atlanta,Georgia native was nominated for seven Grammy awards, and as the music industry would see fit, she didn’t receive any, because her messages and look aren’t mainstream.

However, her messages and look ARE mainstream, but not promulgated by the media, which has junked up and clouded popular music all together. I’m always refreshed, revived and elated when I hear about old and new India.Arie Music.

The quote above is a line in the chorus of her song, “There’s Hope” from her project, Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationships. Oprah Winfrey also brought attention to this quote because of how powerful her messages really are. India.Arie has even written a song for Oprah’s students at her Leadership School in South Africa called “Beautiful Flower.”

I’m a music lover, and wanted to share with you India.Arie’s message of hope and how she delivers it. What we know about the Law of Attraction is how powerful perception really is. If you look at something that can seem bleak and miserable, but change your focus to what is positive about it or even beneficial, your feelings change around something horrible, and you begin to experience healthier and more positively productive emotions. You’re not necessarily condoning things that cause harm, or put people in danger. You’re simply focusing on the good that exists in spite of all that is negative. Simply being a light in darkness.

Examples of activating the Law of Attraction in a beneficial way during times of strife and disturbance are rallies about peace, feeding the hungry, clothing and sheltering the homeless, mentoring at risk youth, playing soothing instrumental music for cancer patients or children with leukemia, providing work space for displaced natural disaster survivors, and the list continues.

There is always hope. India.Arie mentions two healing salves clearly in the chorus: smiling and laughter, which both can be used anytime and anyplace for free! That’s huge! There are actual chemical responses that take place in the brain that produce positive and better feeling hormones that create and sustain feelings of well-being. Be grateful for being born with this “medicine,” Arie suggests. You don’t need anything artificial or external even. Simply find something to feel good about, and laugh and smile about it.

This message of empowerment permeates the entire upbeat and fun 3 minute and 56 second track. Enjoy the video and lyrics!

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