(Originally published October 5, 2007)

We’ve had quite a warm summer and the days of early autumn are seemingly lingering in the upper temperature stats.

As a result of all of this warmth (not to mention vegetation in my front yard), I’ve been visited by three grasshoppers this summer.

The third one, I saw today, and my intuition regarding this visit has driven me to observe more closely if there’s a deeper reason for their attraction to me.

Part of my heritage is Native American, primarily Sioux and Cherokee (as far as what I know). I gravitate heavily towards feathers and the ancient Kemetic Nsubit, Ma’at, who represents justice, peace, harmony, reciprocity, truth, righteousness and balance. Ma’at is also symbolized by a feather.

Understanding this, I was moved to do slight research on Native American totems, to discover what it meant to have grasshopper “medicine” or more specifically, what the visitation of grasshoppers represent.

I was very pleased to recognize three areas where I resonated fully with the symbolic representation of grasshoppers. 

These three areas include:

  1. paying more close attention to my inner voice
  2. taking a leap of faith without fear and
  3. maintaining balance.

All three of these areas are prevalent and very pertinent to my present situations.

As I reflect back on what was occurring in my life during the first two visits, I realize I was dealing with some of the same issues, which have come to a head again in these three areas recently. Looking back on this, it’s not surprising I received an additional visit from yet another one.

It was if it was saying, “Hey! Don’t forget me. Don’t forget what you’re supposed to be doing. I’ve come to show you what’s happening. Last time, you paid attention, but not enough and brushed us off as coincidence. I see you’re right back where you were before, and I’ve come to say enough is enough!“

So, here’s what I learned…

In the area of listening to my inner voice, I’ve come to realize I haven’t been loving myself enough. I’ve been unselfishly giving to others while forgetting or purposely not giving to myself.

My intuition speaks very loudly, and when I don’t listen, I wind up putting myself in compromising situations that hurt me. I’ve wrestled with feelings of having to be needed and putting my self-worth in how I can help people.

On one hand, this is great, but on the heavier hand, my inner voice has painfully told me to love myself more, which is not selfish or inconsiderate. This time, I’m listening, and it feels better.

Regarding the leap of faith, this is two fold. It’s primarily around personal relationships; what my capacity should be. Should I stay in a certain “role” in a relationship, or should my role change?

The leap of faith has to take place one way or the other, and so far, I’ve decided to make the change, which is also what the grasshopper suggests. More specifically, quoted from the resource is the following: “Remember, only life becomes more difficult when we refuse to leap forward into the magic of change.

This was huge to me.

Finally, the last lesson I learned is to be careful of being taken advantage of.

Grasshoppers can become very destructive when it seems like they can’t get enough food. Similarly, people can also be the same way; like locusts sucking up energy, resources, and time… holding expectations of you.

The visit from the grasshoppers suggested I take inventory of those around me who may be too demanding of my time, space, and energy. They suggest I pay attention to who is taking from me and not contributing. I was reminded to ask myself these questions, and make necessary changes.

I will not forget how two of these amazing creatures came to me first, bringing to my attention all of the above as it was taking place. I glanced and considered the ideas.

Now, a month or two later, when all three situations have heightened and have manifested, the other one came today, reminded me to pay more close attention, and sealed the deal for the decisions I’ve recently made in my favor around all three areas.

I thank you grasshoppers for your patience.

I write this in appreciation of you.


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2 Responses to Three Things Grasshoppers Showed Me…

  1. Diarra says:

    Awwwwww, I remember this like it was yesterday. This was so profound then and even more-so now. I was almost moved to tears reading this and knowing the depth of the article & time period of its origin. Today it has reminded me to stay on my path and to continue on in not resorting to the things of the past. This was a refresher, to follow thru. I made a decision (not a resolution) but a decision in the fall of 2012. So no resolutions were made for the new year of 2013, on purpose. (Well I did decide in the early weeks of Jan that i really need to watch my language more). Lol. Just to continue on with my journey as the new year approaches and recognize that now is the time to finally FOCUS. But anyway, by me living in the location where I am, during the past summer, we were sometimes visited by grasshoppers. I have often thought of the luck that u mentioned them bringing but never fully thought of the entire concept discussed in this article. This year, I will really look forward to their visits as another reminder to keep on moving forward, I am a gift from God and I must carry myself as such. And even if I don’t see them, this message will remain ever so clear. I might have to print this out and put it up in my room. Thanks for sharing. Ok, back to work I go! This was a nice fulfilling break. I never take these. Lol. Much needed.

    • Megan says:

      Yes! How timely to re-publish this! Soooo glad it has helped you! I’m excited to see your growth! I can tell you’re in a zone. I feel it from you even though we haven’t had much verbal communication lately! This is it! Your focus vibration is beaming!!! Keep going!!!! Love you bunches!

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