You’ve seen the bracelets and the bumper stickers that say WWJD. For a long time, I had no clue what this meant until I finally asked someone, “What does that mean?” They replied,”What would Jesus do.”

“Ohhh!” I thought. Made a lot of sense when I considered it more deeply.

If something unnerving arose or questions your stability… anything that could possibly disrupt your peace, asking yourself that question, what would Jesus do, is a way to get you to think like Jesus, whose characteristics are loving, forgiving and compassionate.

Alright, now how does this apply to people who do not necessarily believe in Jesus? What is the deeper meaning behind this statement?

The deeper meaning is to consider the most powerful and true emotion/feeling in the Universe, which is LOVE, before you react, reply or respond.

All anyone wants and desires is to connect with love. If you really think about everything you could possibly want and attach a good feeling to, at the very core of it, is the desire to love; to feel love, to be loved and to give love.

Love!! That’s it! Love, the essence of Jesus, is the salve that can heal anything.

So, to try this concept on for size, let’s look at three scenarios where we can ask, “What would Love do?” and consider the possible results.

First, very typical: your significant other forgot to call you back when said they would. Your initial reaction or feeling could vary. It could be anywhere from distrust or curiosity, to rehearsing your lines you’re going to curse them out with when you finally talk to them again.

How about slowing down to the speed of love, and just taking a second to think only loving thoughts about the person or the situation? Some may consider this act as dissuasion from proving a point, which may actually turn out to be a good thing. Taking the time to harness and direct the power of love in this instance can do several things:

  • Calms you down so you can think rationally
  • Eliminates any fear-based emotions
  • Allows for more pleasant interaction with your partner
  • Activates the Law of Attraction in a manner that allows more love to flow to you.

Although the verbal beat-down may have been temporarily more amusing and pleasing to the adrenal glands, what ultimately would you be creating with the focused angry emotion? Creating with love with the same amount of passion ultimately makes life easier.

Consider this second scenario: A stranger deliberately trips you up in the supermarket. Ask yourself, “What would love do?” Ok, this may be answered at first with, “I know what I’d love to do right now. I’d love to knock them out!” But of course, that’s not what should be the basis of the asking, although it may feel like your initial response. Take one more second, one more breath and really ask, ‘What would love do?’ Love may actually laugh and find it all quite amusing or hilarious. Love may reach out and give the person a hug. One thing that’s for sure is, love expressed in this manner will definitely keep you out of jail.

Scenario 3: You heard on the news within a span of 30 minutes all the terrible acts that happened today both in your backyard, in someone’s school yard, in the forests on the west coast, and in all of the war-torn areas overseas.

Your initial reaction may be to march in the street, to protest, to get mad, to start a revolution even… to literally push against the very thing you want to see end. This is activating the Law of Attraction in probably the most undesirable manner. With emotions and concentrated, focused thought, you are co-creating all of the time. Your consciousness projecting out into the Universe is helping to create the very things you see that you disagree with. Scientific studies have shown fluctuations in the temperature of the atmosphere depending on how the majority of people are feeling. There is an energy of consciousness.

This is probably the most important place to show love instead of fear, as to create more love, so that you’re not contributing to the global consciousness of fear that’s so prevalent and rampant. The work of David Wilcock has been presented in such a collective manner to prove exactly how and why the emotion of love is so powerful in healing the world. Even Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len’s work with Ho’oponopono involves loving the Divine in you to change the outside.

I’ve only provided a few places where love can be applied. Consciously remember this phrase, “What would love do?” Make that your first response to any of your challenges each day, and you’ll be surprised at your immediate results. You can also rest assured that you’ve contributed to the world at large on such a grander scale than your visible position. You’re more influential than you could possibly ever imagine.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”–Sri Chimnoy Ghose

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2 Responses to What Would LOVE Do?…

  1. Diarra says:

    Ahhhh! This was a nice tall glass of clean, fresh water!!! Thaaaank u! Although I’m not Christian, I still love me some Jesus bcuz he was The MAN…historically. As written, he was LOVE & most ppl loved him just for that. He trusted that that was why God created him & so that’s how he was going to live…And what? Who wouldn’t want to be a human like that?
    This is the banging article right here, for me at least bcuz it really hits home. And I’m sure i am not the only one. This is about love but also patience! Bcuz love is patient and I need this more than ever raising a five year old, working a 9-5 but striving towards a life of financial freedom, healthy living, dealing with the world of dating; simply the hussle & bustle & stresses of life can have one short-tempered or ready to knock a mo-fo out! This could be simply off of an intentional or unintentional mis-hap of another. life just happens. I know that I fall short at times but the more I practice the “What Would Love Do” the better I get at it. Even tho as humans, we may not always want to respond with LOVE but as they say, when that happens, just “fake it ’til u make it”…bcuz subconsciously, the “faking” is actually the act of “practicing”. Also, it may turn out to not even be faking, just the forcing of love to exude. Bcuz as a person of love, our intent is to actually respond with love but it may not always happen. However when it does, it always feels so much better to respond as LOVE would. The results are simply rewarding! And karma loves “LOVE-based” reactions. It’s what I need as a person & what we all need as ppl! It is so worth it!

    • Megan says:

      And when you love, you release a lot of pent up anger, frustration, judgment, analysis, reasoning, validation… anything that could get in the way of the process. When you consciously let go and let love be a healing salve, it really does become the difference maker in amazing and sometimes astonishing ways.

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