I once had a conversation with an individual whose family members were inclined to having bad things happen to them and would always declare it was “God’s Will.”

Without restating the entire story, I have decided to include my response below to the person’s situation with some edits to protect privacy:

I’ve experienced some fear-based, disempowering teachings growing up about God also. To this day, I still hear those messages surrounding me, and instead of questioning my beliefs and being fearful, I go within and trust I have a loving, gentle, kind, complete, special, intimate, fulfilling relationship with God, which only I’m experiencing.

If you notice what you said, the underlying thoughts were of your family when referring to sick people. What were the exact things being drawn to them at that moment? They probably had no clue their thoughts and emotions were contributing to the very things they didn’t want. Therefore, when it showed up as what they thought, they said it was “God’s will.”

The same is happening as you make similar fear-based statements about God’s will being a “scary and horrible thing to ask for.”

You are more powerful than you probably recognize. The very thoughts you think and the feelings accompanying those thoughts, if focused on long enough and with enough passion, can manifest. This goes for the stuff you do and don’t want. Because your mind has to enter into the actual creation process, you play a significant role in the outcome of “God’s will.”

The statement, “not my will, but thy will be done” can be looked at differently:  instead of the “lower self” reigning and succumbing to defeating thoughts and emotions, let your “higher self,” your connection with the Divine, take over and have reigning precedence regarding the situation.

“Thy will” becomes the affirmations… the confessions of faith… the trust and belief that all is well… all is perfect… all is whole, complete and satisfying. “Thy will” is consciousness creating the best possible circumstance. This sort of “conscious creation” must become habituated so the vibrations you’re giving off are what you truly desire and no longer fear-based.

Ho’oponopono takes it a step further… beyond the visualization of the best possible circumstances to something even beyond your consciousness!

This can be exciting because you should be certain it’s good. This also provides great relief because habitual conscious creation can be quite challenging. Every area where a challenge presents itself, is also another opportunity to cleanse with ho’oponopono.

So, how do you apply ho’oponopono to this? Whenever you feel fearful that “God’s will” isn’t going to be what you ultimately want, get quiet, still and speak directly to the Divine.

Say “thank you” for revealing this, which I know represents another part of existence. “Thank you” for showing me this is not serving me. “Thank you” for showing me this discomfort is not resonating with what I know in my heart your Divine presence to be. Thank you for bridging the gap to understanding. Thank you for this moment of peace I’m experiencing. “I’m sorry” for feeling these negative emotions toward your nature. “I’m sorry” for recognizing the fear in other’s statements. “Please forgive me” for internalizing these statements. “Please forgive me” for feeling as if you didn’t have my best interest at heart. “Please forgive” me for feeling like I’m not part of this. “Please forgive me” for second guessing you. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…” (until you feel the release and can feel the Divine loving you back).

Take ownership for your thoughts and emotions. Remember God exists within you and is not some jealous, angry and vengeful, emotion-filled God living outside of you who wants to teach you a lesson. God allows based on what you attract. You attract with your thought and emotion. Whatever you feel the most strongly about while thinking, that’s what you’re attracting.

Any thought accompanied with negative emotion is a chance to “avoid” the “lessons” some would say God is “teaching” you. Those negative emotions serve as an indicator you’re at that moment attracting a “lesson” you don’t want. You can “avoid” the “feared” lesson by applying ho’oponopono to clear out the negativity and wipe the slate clean to zero, where there are no more “negative lessons” to be learned… only the sweet, delicious and satisfying connection with the Divine.


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  1. Diarra says:

    Ooooh this reminds me of my comment on your other post! This is all the stuff we learned at the Institute of Spiritual Enlightenment in Washington, DC 3 years ago! I miss that place. Wish they had online classes. U are on it!! :-) love this! Keep it up! Thx!

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